Ah Ben Openly Chats About Being Gay on Talk Show

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Who would’ve thought that as soon as he stepped back into the limelight he’d be openly coming out as gay? In the past, Taiwanese actor and host Ben Weng, better known as Aben 阿本, had long been rumoured to be in a relationship with Aaron Yan. The two friends were papped regularly hanging out. Yet despite the constant speculation, they’ve never quite gotten around to confirming anything.

The 41-year-old celeb who got his break on the show Bang Bang Tang is back in front of the cameras after years away from showbiz. Last month, Aben introduced his non-showbiz boyfriend to the public. He subsequently accepted an interview where he revealed that he and his current partner became official last July after a few months of dating.

In his return to showbiz, Aben says he wanted to be able to freely talk about his life. He wanted to express his feelings and not skirt around the topic of his sexuality any longer. Not to say that he wasn’t feeling extremely nervous, except it was renowned host Dee Hsu who made him feel right at home. Going on Dee’s show, “I didn’t expect that she cared more about what I was doing than getting the scoop. In that instant, all my nervousness disappeared and I finished filming the program light-heartedly.” He shared that she recently asked him why he decided to be more open about his sexuality to which he responded, “because of you, S jie.” It’s why he found himself voluntarily blurting out having a new boyfriend.

Aben openly admits that for his generation, it’s sometimes not easy to blithely say “my boyfriend”. But because Dee made him feel super comfortable he was able to talk about things in a relaxed manner. “What I felt was that it didn’t matter if I liked boys or girls. It’s just something quite normal since everyone lives very different lives. She made me feel comfortable talking about embarrassing things, interesting things, the frustrations and the challenges that came my way. I also really felt like I accepted myself more, liked this version of me!”

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