Aaron Yan Issues Statement After Officially Charged Today, Many Notice His New Name

Aaron Yan
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In June, Aaron Yan was accused by influencer Yao Le of forcing him to have sex whilst still a minor and for secretly filming and leaking the sex tape. On November 8th, Taiwanese courts officially charged him for for creating and possessing an intimate video with the intent to distribute under the Child and Youth Sexual Exploitation Prevention Act. However, the charge for sexual assault had to be dropped due to insufficient evidence against him.

Aaron Yan signs statement with his new name.

Both Sides Release Statements

After his indictment, the beleaguered Taiwanese star shared a statement with his reaction. First thanking everyone who cared about him and helped him, Aaron Yan said that the prosecutor’s ruling certainly proved he never forced Yao Le to have sex nor did he resort to gang intimidation tactics after they broke up. He also said that he never had any intention of leaking the video.

The entertainer also apologised for occupying the public’s resources with his scandal because he “accidentally violated the law as he is unfamiliar with it and filmed the video with the consent of both parties”. As for Yao Le, Aaron who claims he was still in contact with Yao Le in recent years questioned the other party’s motivation for filing a lawsuit : “is it for fame? Or fortune?”

His accuser Yao Le countered his statement with one of his own criticising the entertainer of still resorting to untruths in an attempt to defend himself.  Moreover, he once again lamented bitterly being filmed secretly which was then circulated publicly. “This is definitely not just a trivial emotional dispute. This is a heavy blow that destroyed the life of a 16-year-old boy” he said.

His Name Change

Aaron Yan’s showbiz career has come to a halt since the scandal. There were previous talks of him possibly changing his name for a comeback. In his recent statement, many noticed that Aaron used two names. He used his screen name Yan Yalun (炎亞綸) and a new name Wu Bingru (吳秉孺). Aaron Yan’s real name is Wu Genglin (吳庚霖).

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