Jin Sha Found Herself Crying Because Her Boyfriend Was Wearing a Necklace from His First Love

Jin Sha, also known as Kym, saw a resurgence in her career after joining a popular Chinese reality show in 2020. This year, the 42-year-old is back on another reality show together with boyfriend Sun Chengxiao, a 23-year-old aspiring actor. They are one of the couples of Viva La Romance Season 7 爱的修学旅行. The two have drawn attention over their interactions and their 19-year age gap.

More recently, Jin Sha shared the last time she cried. And it turned out to be over a necklace her boyfriend cherished. Sometimes, no matter how sentimental we are, there are things we just need to let go. And it seems the same can be said for Sun Chengxiao. The singer-actress revealed that she rarely cried after her grandmother passed. However, there was a time her beau would wear a necklace that she just seemed to reject. He said he’d wear it occasionally when he was with Jin Sha and also wore in when they were photographed together. When she finally asked him about it, he admitted it was from his first love. Jin Sha said she didn’t even realize that she had already started crying.

This surprised the other guests of the show who listened to the couple retell the story. Sun Chengxiao, ever the devoted partner, hastened to clarify. He said his connection to the necklace did not harbor lingering feelings for his ex. He shared the sentimental significance behind the piece, saying, “First of all, I don’t harbor any feelings for my first love anymore. The reason I continue to wear it is because it was the first gift I received in my life. I also took part in its creation. And I threw away the necklace when I learned it would bother Jin Sha.”

Since opening up to the public about their dating life, Jin Sha and Sun Chengxiao have garnered mixed reaction from those either for or against it. The two are said to have first met on set after starring together in the 2021 Douyin drama Appraiser Of Love 爱的鉴定师.

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