“The Immortal Ascension” Starring Yang Yang and Jin Chen Unveils a Cast of Over 60 Names

"The Immortal Ascension" Starring Yang Yang and Jin Chen Wraps Up Filming

The Immortal Ascension 凡人修仙传, the latest addition to the growing list of xuanhuan dramas, has completed months of filming. The cast was also unveiled and it’s a list of over 60 names, which actually makes sense for a story that serves as the live-action adaptation of the popular novel, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality.

Leading the series is Yang Yang who certainly looks good adorning flowing robes. He portrays Han Li, a seemingly ordinary mortal navigating conflicts with demons and celestial beings on his journey to cultivation. He’s supposed to look “ordinary” based on the character’s description, which is why some say he may be too “handsome” for the role. Meanwhile, Jin Chen appears as the enigmatic Nan Gonwan, Han Li’s companion on his path to immortality. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time our two leads have shared the screen. Jin Chen actually played Yang Yang’s ex-girlfriend in You Are My Glory. If rumors are to be believed, she was also supposed to be his love interest in Martial Universe. But, let’s leave the what ifs to yesterday and see how these two will fare as the newest couple.

The star power extends beyond the leads. Xu Haiqiao making a special appearance as Yun Lu, the patriarch of the Harmonious Bond Sect. His portrayal promises nuance, balancing authority with a hint of paternal warmth, particularly given his character’s connection to the mischievous Xuan Er, played by Jin Jiayue.

The expansive world created in this the story weaves a captivating tapestry of characters, each with unique motivations and desires. Wang Duo takes on an antagonistic character as Wang Chan, the Young Sect Master of the Ghost Spirit Sect. Zhang Xiaotang plays Chen Qiaoqian who’s far from a typical damsel in distress. She has her heart irrevocably entwined with Han Li after he saves her in a fateful encounter. Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaochen brings gravitas and warmth to the role of Li Feiyu, Han Li’s martial arts teacher. His guidance proves instrumental in shaping Han Li into the formidable cultivator he is destined to become.

The are joined by stars such as Zhao Qing (Scent of Time), Liu Yan who also worked with The Immortal Ascension’s female director, also named Yang Yang 杨阳, in A Dream of Splendor, Ying Er (The Last Immortal), Gala Zhang Yao (Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader) and many more.

The Immortal Ascension Full Cast

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