Hong Kong Veteran Actor Kent Cheng Shows a Thing or Two on How to Prepare for a Role

Kent Cheng
Kent Cheng
Left Photo: Kent Cheng / Weibo and Right Photo: Screenshot from Douyin

Although not a household name, industry veteran Kent Cheng Jak-si (鄭則仕) has long been a familiar face in the industry, having acted in many roles (215 to be exact) over the years. With his decades long experience, the 72-year-old critically acclaimed Hong Kong actor can still teach rookies a thing or two when it comes to his work ethics.

You know what they say about walking the talk and all that? Well, Kent is the prime example of putting his words – “earnestly putting in years worth of experience (47 years in Kent’s case) into a day’s work shows you’re owning your performance. It also shows you’re holding yourself accountable to the audience”, into action.

In the behind the scenes clips released from his upcoming film I Did It My Way 潛行, Kent was shown arriving on set in the wee hours of the morning just to read through the script and rehearse his scenes by himself. In fact, the crew, who reports for work at 6am, says he comes in earlier than them!  The showbiz veteran has always subscribed to the method of “go through it again, master it again so when you begin filming the scene, it’ll go more smoothly.” Decades later, it seems Kent Cheng is still holding true to this method and going on set extra early to prepare for every role. Many are impressed to see the work and the effort he continues to put in despite his veteran status in the industry.

A Star-Studded Cast

I did it my way cast
Photo: I Did It My Way / Weibo

Aside from Kent, you’ll be seeing a lot of big names in the film’s star-studded cast. Andy Lau who also doubles as a producer for the film plays a baddie in this one. As the head of a drug trafficking network, he goes up against Eddie Peng who plays a police chief hell bent on hunting and shutting the whole operation down. They are joined by Gordon Lam, Cya Liu and Simon Yam just to name a few.

I Did it My Way tackles the fight against drugs between the police and an underground drug trafficking network.

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