Actress Shang Qi’s First Time Walking the Red Carpet Didn’t Turn Out So Well

Actress Shang Qi's First Time Walking the Red Carpet Didn't Turn Out So Well

Taking a tumble on the red carpet is something you don’t ever wanna happen to you. Imagine how mortified Chinese actress Shang Qi (上淇) must have felt at the recent Tencent Video All Star Night 2023. She not only fell down TWICE, but also suffered a nosebleed!

This being December, awards season is in full swing for the Chinese entertainment industry. There’s every chance you might’ve already seen your favourite stars all glammed up and smiling for the cameras. With long hemlines and sky high heels, trips and spills are inevitable.

However, the situation was a wee bit different for Shang Qi, a young actress who’s only played supporting roles in the past. Despite this being her first red carpet appearance, she found herself trending after her legs gave out twice (!). In her post poking a bit of fun at herself for being “the second most searched topic on Weibo,” the actress revealed her jampacked day began at 4:30 getting her makeup done for the event. That lasted for 7 hours (can you imagine?) after which she spent the rest of the time outside taking photos in her over 50 pound skirt! The actress said, “I hotfooted it to the parking lot barefoot in a 40 jin (catty) skirt, tripped many times but got up and ran again. I was able to put on my 20cm high heels only in the car”.

I guess all the excitement and adrenaline finally took its toll. It’s just unfortunate it had to happen whilst she was walking down the red carpet. Meanwhile, would you believe some Netizens mistook her tumble as an attempt at grabbing the spotlight. They only realized she was really unwell when blood started to drip down her nose and even onto her chest!

Thankfully though, it looks like she’s okay and had a lot of fun with her friends at the event.

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