Zhang Yunlong “Exposed” By Paparazzo To Be In A New Relationship, But It’s Not Even Him!

Zhang Yunlong
Zhang Yunlong

Oh gosh, how about this for a case of mistaken identity! Recently, an internet paparazzo broke the news that Leon Zhang Yunlong is in a new relationship. This comes after speculations of a breakup earlier this year with rumored ex-girlfriend Zhong Chuxi. Paparazzo Liu Dachui claimed the The Furthest Distance 最遥远的距离 actor was spotted with a woman back in September. The pair went home together. After being photographed the next day leaving the actor’s home, the couple was once again spotted whilst going about their normal routine taking out the trash and going out to buy fruit. The thing is though, the man in the photos wasn’t the 35-year-old actor!

The “exposé” also caught the eye of the actor’s agency Jaywalk Entertainment. They’ve since released a statement debunking the paparazzo’s claims. “This is not Zhang Yunlong. Please everyone don’t spread false information!”  

Jaywalk confirms the news is False
Zhang yunlong

Oh boy. Can you imagine how creepy it would’ve been for the couple had they spotted someone tailing them home and taking their photos? Whilst they probably had a good laugh afterwards about being mistaken for Zhang Yunlong and his new gf, it’s still pretty disconcerting.  Meanwhile, fans pointed out that the man in the picture totally wasn’t the actor because he recently took on a role that had him shedding some pounds and growing and colouring his hair.

Guess the paparazzo should’ve run the exposé through the eagle eyes of fans first huh. After Jaywalk’s denial, Liu Dachui put out a message confirming his blunder. “Teacher Zhang Yunlong, I was exhausted and my eye pressure was too high. I mistakenly though it was you! I feel guilty beyond words, I am really, really, really, really, really, really sorry for the impact it has had on you and your team...

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