William Chan Still A “Novice” in Acting But Nick Cheung Says He Has High Hopes

Bursting Point
William Chan and Nick Cheung
Photos: Bursting Point / Weibo

Nick Cheung Ka-Fai and William Chan are gearing up for the December 8th release of their upcoming action thriller Bursting Point 爆裂點 where they’ll be playing cops who ultimately turn against each other. Nick plays an anti-narcotics chief inspector mentoring William’s character, an undercover agent sent to infiltrate a drug trafficking organization. In real life however, it appears Nick has also taken on the role of mentor off-screen.

In a special episode released by the film to whet everyone’s appetite, you can see from the behind the scenes footage the 58-year-old Nick patiently discussing the scenes with William who’s 38 years old. Aside from discussing the blocking and sharing his hard earned knowledge based on his personal experiences with his “protégé”, Nick also shared William has many things to learn yet as an actor. “Although William is very successful in the mainland, if we’re talking about actors, he belongs to the ranks of young actors.”

Nonetheless, the Hong Kong veteran is hopeful that his young co-star will take on the mantle of preserving and growing Hong Kong cinema for the next generation. “Whether it’s in private or in public, I also feel a certain responsibility and the heart to impart something with our industry’s younger generation. I also hope they can carry on some of the responsibilities of Hong Kong actors” he said.  

Nick Cheung and William Chan in Bursting Point

Meanwhile, expect to see a grittier side of William Chan in the film. With his character as a undercover agent struggling for control between his darker and lighter side, it’s a far cry from the idol dramas he usually takes on. If anything, it’s definitely a great experience to learn and hone his craft, but William is up for the challenge. “I’m very happy to work with an actor like Nick Cheung. He’s an actor full of experience and talent. I hope to learn more skills from him.”

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