William Chan Doesn’t Know the Ending for “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse”

William Chan Doesn't Know the Ending for "Novoland: Pearl Eclipse"

If you’ve cried your fair share of tears watching Novoland: Pearl Eclipse an 斛珠夫人 and was wondering about the ending, it looks like even lead actor William Chan doesn’t know. (Warning: there will be spoilers from the novel in the last paragraph.)

In a recent interview with Spicy Visit 橘子辣访, William Chan was asked if the story will have a happy ending or a bad ending. He responds, “HE or BE, I myself do not know yet. Filming the ending, I remember we were already discussing the big finale two weeks before.” He went on to say that everyone had their own idea from the director, the writer, the producer and himself. His own approach is for a sad ending but whether it actually happens, he’s not sure. He adds, “I kept asking the Jaywalk friends (about the ending) but they won’t tell me until now…”

With the amount of blood William Chan has been losing on the show, sadly, it’s not looking good. And if we’re basing things on the source novel by author Xiao Ruse, it’s tragic. Both Fang Zhu and Di Xu die. Hai Shi gives birth to her son with the emperor and handles court affairs as the Empress Dowager. Then again, the drama is different from the novel so perhaps a different ending is possible. In the novel, William Chan’s character is actually a eunuch. He castrated himself to end the cycle of “baixi” wherein any harm towards the Emperor will be inflicted on those carrying his bloodline. Update: Here’s the actual ending.

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