Jet Li Hit with Death Hoax Again, Good Friend Tiffany Chen Says She Just Saw Him This Morning

In the digital age, celebrities often find themselves at the mercy of rumors going viral online, and the latest to fall prey to a death hoax is none other than martial arts legend and actor Jet Li.

Earlier today, his name Li Lian Jie was trending on Chinese social media. There’s a screenshot of a post that erroneously declared his death on November 2. This is not the first time the 60-year-old action superstar was subjected to a death hoax as he had to debunk similar rumors back in 2018. This time around, you’d find comments from Netizens calling out the “report” as obviously fake. Tiffany Chen, a film producer and the wife of entertainment tycoon Charles Heung, helped clear the rumors when she posted a retort that says, “@JetLi How many times have you died? Reports say you’ve passed again! This morning you just said hello to me!…”

Tiffany Chen shared a screenshot of posts she saw about Jet Li on Weibo on his “death.”

The film producer also took the chance to promote Jet Li’s new book which is coincidentally entitled Beyond Life and Death: Jet Li Looking for Jet Li 超越生死: 李連杰尋找李連杰. She also advised him not to mind the people spreading rumors. Her poking fun at the numerous times the actor ‘went beyond’ death was enough to assure fans that he is alive and well. Some even joked that the emperor must be busy that’s why he didn’t respond himself. It’s a remark about Li’s most recent stint as the Emperor of China in the live-action Mulan.

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