Tiffany Chen Shows Off the Most Perfect Briolette Diamond in the World Husband Charles Heung Gifted Her Ten Years Ago

Star of China 11-carat diamond

Oh to be rich and famous. Hong Kong media mogul Tiffany Chen just shared on social media a very special present from husband Charles Heung. And boy oh boy, it is a diamond necklace which she christened “The Star of China.” Tiffany recalled that it had a hefty price tag of “only a little more than 80 million” (approximately US$ 11 million) which she won in auction. To us mere mortals, I wouldn’t exactly describe spending a pretty penny on the sparkler as “only a little more than 80 million”. However, as the top honcho of a film production empire, Charles Heung certainly has plenty to spare seeing that he’s reportedly worth more than a billion. Nonetheless, happy wife happy life right?

Charles Heung and Tiffany Chen

All kidding aside, it was super sweet to see Charles carefully putting the necklace on for his wife and saying “as long as my wife is likes it, I’m happy” after she thanked him again for his gift. Reminiscing how they had nothing when they first got together, he advised young couples to work hard for whatever it is they want. Sharing their story, he said, “We had nothing, no diamonds, no houses and even flowers.  We both continued to work hard together until the day we were able to afford them!

Charles also said that a diamond wedding anniversary means being married for 60 years.  He said it’s been 42 years already and he hopes to reach their diamond anniversary together. Charles has two sons – actor Jacky Heung and Jonathan from his second marriage with Tiffany Chen.

“Star of China”

According to Tiffany, they purchased the water drop shaped diamond pendant in 2013. Back then, she made the news after revealing herself to be the anonymous bidder who won the 75.36-carat diamond pendant necklace at a Christie’s Hong Kong auction. As for calling it “The Star of China” aka “China Star”, she said she was told she can name the piece – which is known as the largest and most perfect briolette diamond in the world. She said that because she is proud of her Chinese heritage, she thought it apt to call the diamond by that name. The couple’s production company which they established in the 90’s is also called China Star Entertainment Limited.

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