Huang Xiaoming Papped with Rumored Girllfriend Ye Ke Again

Huang Xiaoming rumored gf
Photo(s): Huang Xiaoming Studio and Kerr_official / Weibo

Huang Xiaoming and his rumoured girlfriend Ye Ke were recently spotted at the airport together. According to media, the pair were going overseas to celebrate the actor’s 46th birthday. Now everyone’s wondering if an “official” confirmation is forthcoming. In the past, with rumours rife about the two of them dating, Huang Xiaoming and Ye Ke never really confirmed anything. Even the airport clip of the pair shared by paparazzi shows they were careful not to appear they were travelling with each other. They even pushed their own suitcases separately just until the security check where they went through.

Screencap from Weibo

Huang Xiaoming and his ex, Angelababy divorced in 2022. Four months later, the rumourmill pegged him to be dating Ye Ke who many say bore an uncanny resemblance to his ex. At the time, people even said he got himself a substitute for his ex. Whatever the case, he seems to have moved on from his past. The Chinese influencer who’s reportedly also divorced is known to be a successful businessman.

However, people assumed they were already broken up when the actor was spotted going to the movies with another woman at the end of May this year. A few months later, Netizens observed a change in the content Ye Ke has been posting whose tone, folks say is “very sweet and happy”.  This has led to new speculation that they’re back together again. Now that they’ve been spotted yet again this time traveling overseas, is this finally them making it their relationship public?

Huang Xiaoming GF
Netizens say Ye Ke bears a strong resemblance to Angelababy

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