Former Screen Goddess Chen Chen Slams Ex-Husband’s Accusations

Chen Chen
Chen Chen

It’s now turning into quite the “he said, she said” situation between Taiwanese songwriter Liu Jiachang and his ex-wife, former Taiwanese screen goddess Chen Chen. In his long winded post previously, Liu Jiachang accused mother and son of greedily coveting his money and properties. He also ciriticised their son Jeremiah Zhang of being completely brainwashed by his mum and for going against him. “Can a dignified man be so unfaithful, unfilial and shameless?” he lamented. Following his accusations against her and their son, Chen Chen broke her silence to hit back.

Stop Pretending

Liu Jiachang, you don’t get to fake being pitiful and claim the moral high ground like you’re the aggrieved party. God sees what you’re doing. Can your conscience stand the horrible things you’ve done and pass for facts?” she fired back. As for their son, “let me tell you, my son is living a very happy life away from your claws. He is very happy.” Chen Chen added that when Jeremiah first debuted after signing with a record company, his career had been doing well. However when his father saw that, he suddenly wanted to take the reins of Jeremiah’s development. Although their son was quite reluctant about it, he decided to compromise for his mum’s sake.

Chen Chen also accused her ex of trying to control her son and questions how he can call himself a father. “You always have to manipulate your son. But when he doesn’t fall in with your wishes, you threaten to cut off your son’s career in music. You even sent him a text calling him a beast! And now you’re acting like a hypocrite? Are you worthy of being a father?”

The75-year-old former actress left her husband with a warning. “If you have evidence, sue me. Otherwise it’ll be defamation. Sooner or later, your misdeeds will finally be revealed to everyone, and legal repercussions won’t be too far off.”

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Meanwhile, son Jeremiah also took to social media to call out what he says is his father’s attempt to blackmail and extort himself and his mum. “That is a fool’s dream. My mother has made it very clear that the legal process must be fulfilled”. Prior to that, he issued another statement to say that if everyone wanted to get to the truth of the matter, everything his mum mentioned in her rebuttal is the truth.

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