Liu Chia Chang, 83, Rants Against Ex Wife Chen Chen and Their Son in Rare Post After His Surgery

Taiwanese Songwriter Liu Chia Chang, 83, Rants Against Ex Wife Chen Chen and Their Son in Rare Post About Their Legal Battles
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Taiwanese singer-songwriter Liu Chia Chang 劉家昌 has composed many number of classics and his ex-wife, former actress Chen Chen 甄珍 was a top star in her heyday. However, they have been locked in a legal battle of sorts. In 2018, a dispute broke out over property issues resulting in both parties going to court. On October 26, Chia Chang took to Chinese social media Weibo to speak against his ex-wife and son saying, “This it the first time I have made my home affairs public.” He reveals that he underwent prostate surgery alone this month, but as he was lying in the recovery room, he reflected on how his marriage failed and his family fell apart in his later years.

The 83-year-old went on to make a long rant against Chen Chen, 75, and their son Jeremiah Liu calling them “greedy and insatiable”. He claims that Chen Chen lost their court case at Jiangxi. In order to win property rights against him, he alleges they went to great lengths from bribing media to blacken his reputation to even forging documents. He claims they’ve already paid tens of millions of Taiwan dollars to their lawyers only to lose. He thought about letting bygones be bygones but he said mother and son, instigated by their Beijing lawyers have also sued his friends and benefactors who helped him. “Can I still stand by and watch?” he writes.

Liu Chia Chang
Amongst other things he ranted about, Liu Chia Chang also accuses his son Jeremiah of being unfilial

“Who Did Chen Chen Divorce in 1987?” He Asks

The songwriter also dropped another bombshell about their divorce in 1987. It can be remembered that the former couple married in 1978. They divorced after 9 years when their son was just one year old. He said that he met with different lawyers last month and was told by US lawyers that a divorce needs to be by both parties and not one-sided. Liu Chia Chang claims he never went to court for his divorce so he questions who Chen Chen even divorced in 1987. He also claims they were still filing tax returns as husband and wife in the US many years later.

He said that Chen Chen told the media in 2015 that she divorced Liu Chia-Chiang in 1987 because he lost everything to gambling. He writes, “When I filed for divorce in 2015, Chen Chen conveniently forgot the lie about a fake divorce in 1987.” He claims his ex tried to get him to deed over 12 houses on the list. It included proceeds from the sale of a hotel in Kunshan, all of which are worth NT$ 2 billion in total (around US$ 61.6+ million). But because her conditions were quite outrageous, he said he refused and didn’t sign the divorce papers.

In order to get his half back, he decided to take the case to the US courts. However, he said that he didn’t expect Chen Chen to make a personal appearance at a US court. She had the divorce certificate from 1987 and that’s how the US judge approved the divorce.

Legal Battles

Given everything, Liu Chia Chang writes that their team of lawyers have decided to immediately file a lawsuit against Chen Chen. He also called out his son Jeremy Liu. He writes, “A son, a 39-year-old man who hasn’t done anything for a single day. Always with his mom, trying to figure out a way to sue his father over property.” He said mother and son have changed many lawyers from Taipei, Hong Kong to Beijing. Amongst his claims, Liu Chia Chang accused his wife of thoroughly brainwashing their son to the point that he took on his mother’s surname when he changed his name in 2019 from Liu Ziqian 劉子千 to Zhang Liheng 章立衡.

Regarding his ex-wife, he writes, “after the divorce, she told the media that she loves another man, his name is Patrick Tse 谢贤. Who can shamelessly say such things.” He also called out Chen Chen for daring to claim her wealth came from acting when she hasn’t acted in forty years.

Now that his friends are also being pulled into the issue, Liu Chia Chang said he no longer has a choice but to stand up for himself in public. He writes that he’ll “expose the lies of a woman with a human face and the heart of an animal.” Meanwhile, his ex-wife and son have yet to respond to his claims.

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