Felix Wong, 62, Apologises After Kicking Opponent in a Football Match

Felix Wong
Felix Wong
Felix Wong gives his opponent a swift kick in the back after taking a tumble on the pitch

I’m sorry. I was wrong” apologised veteran Hong Kong actor Felix Wong. The 62-year-old was called out for his unsportsmanlike behaviour when he gave his opponent a kick in the back after taking a tumble on the pitch. The actor’s team, the Hong Kong All Star Sports Association team, was playing the Rongjiang Village Super League from Guizhou province at the time. Clips of the incident went viral online which gave rise to a barrage of criticism from Chinese Netizens.

“I’m sorry, I was wrong, I’m sorry”

On November 14th, Felix shared a video sincerely apologising for the “irrational behaviour” on his part which ruined the day and made him feel regretful. “I have watched tons of videos in the past few days, and I’ve also read all the criticism made by Netizens.  I accept each and every one of them because after a bit of self-reflection, I realised I didn’t do a good job of controlling my emotions. There’s still a lot of room for improvement “.  Admitting that he made a mistake, the Hong Kong TV veteran also said he wanted to take the opportunity to address all the players from the Village Super League team.

Friends from Guizhou, fans across the country, and all Netizens, I want to apologise to everyone, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I’m sorry.” The TVB The Legend of the Condor Heroes star said he loved playing football and promised he wouldn’t allow himself to be caught in the same situation ever again. “I hope that in the days to come, you will see a brand new Felix Wong on the pitch.”

Meanwhile, the actor’s apology appears to be well received by one of the players from Guizhou team who responded. “I’m moved by your sincerity and you’re welcome to come visit Guizhou when you have time for a bit of football” invited Lu Jinfu . The player also emphasized that altercations and hot tempers are inevitable in the highly physical game. However despite the incident, he said that he’s quite glad to have been able to play against so many celebs in Hong Kong.

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