“Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils” Stars Felix Wong, Benny Chan And Louis Fan Reprise Their Roles to Promote a Mobile Game

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
Tin Lung Bat Bou Cast Then and Now
Left: Felix Wong in 1997 and Right: the trio now
Photos: Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2 Official / Weibo

Louis Cha’s Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils may have inspired numerous adaptations on film and TV. But for many, the franchise’s 1997 Hong Kong version still remains the novel’s most classic adaptation. Seeing as it’s Friday today, let’s hop on the flashback bandwagon to check on the actors who played the trio whose histories stand at the very heart of the tale. 

Felix WongBenny Chan and Louis Fan starred as Qiao FengDuan Yu and Xuzhu on the TVB series respectively. The former TVB stars have gone on to focus on their careers in the mainland, particularly, Benny Chan and Louis Fan who continue to release web movies and dramas in recent years. Good news for Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils fans though because all three have been recently spotted reprising their original roles to shoot promotional ads for drama’s mobile game.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils mobile game

It’s definitely quite a treat to see all three together once again and reprising their roles for such a classic hit no less. Louis Fan who plays Xuzhu turns 50 next month and pretty much looks the same (or even better and buffer now as some of his fans say). As does the 53-year-old Benny Chan who portrays Duan Yu albeit with slightly more rounder cheeks now.

Meanwhile, Felix Wong who starred as Guo jing/ Kwok Ching in The Legend of the Condor Heroes back in 1983 is certainly no stranger to starring in TV adaptations of Louis Cha works. Believe it or not, the actor put on the robes of a Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils character in not just one but two adaptations – once as Xuzhu (Louis Fan’s character in the 1997 version) in the original 1982 TVB adaptation; and then as Qiao Feng for the 1997 adaptation. It’s definitely nostalgic seeing all three actors together again.

1997 Tin Lung Bat Bou cast photos
He Meitian shares behind the scenes photos with the three leads, Carman Lee and Bondy Chiu.

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