Mirror’s Keung To Denies Being in a Relationship After Joking He Has a “Girlfriend”

Keung To
Keung To
Keung To Photos: keung_show / Instagram

Keung To from the uber popular Hong Kong idol group Mirror previously mentioned wanting to tie the knot by the time he’s 30. So imagine the level of excitement and the speculation caused when the 24-year-old unexpectedly took to social media with the words “I don’t want to hide it anymore, I have a girlfriend”.  A lot of hearts probably broke at his love confession, however it turns out that the “woman” who had him smitten was a super adorable little lady that’ll make you go “awww” with cuteness. He captioned his post, “Let your boyfriend have a kiss.” and the hashtag I want to have a daughter.

Keung To
I don’t want to hide it anymore, I have a girlfriend

As a much loved idol, any “confession” of love is bound to gather immediate attention.  So although he shared photos of his quality time with the kiddos and joked that he has a girlfriend, speculation turned to who he’s actually dating right now. Hong Kong media claims his real girlfriend is none other than Taiwanese actress Tammy Lin Shih Ting with whom he’d worked with twice already! Moreover, media also claimed that when he flew to Taiwan in April, September and October supposedly for work, it was actually to visit her.

Responding to the burgeoning rumours, he clarified “so boring, not in love. Thanks” on Instagram Stories. This was also echoed by a representative from Tammy Lin’s agency who said “there’s no such thing at all.  The two youngsters are just good friends who met through work. There’s really nothing scandal worthy here”.

Married by 30

24-year-old Keung To recently appeared on Hong Kong actress and host Carol Cheng’s Youtube channel where he spilled the tea about wanting to have a family himself – preferably by the time he’s 30. Whilst that number is definitely not set in stone, he said he’s giving himself a goal to work towards. As a child of a troubled marriage, he said he had many regrets from his experience growing up and hopes he’d be able to give his child a childhood much happier and fulfilled one than his.

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