Mirror Member Stanley Yau Clarifies Post After Rumoured Fallout with JJ Lin Over His Concert

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Mandopop star JJ Lin was recently in Hong Kong to hold a series of concerts for his fans. Despite his short time in town however, it seems the singer and his team found themselves unexpectedly drawn into a controversy when one of his guest performers, Ian Chan from the boyband Mirror was a no show on stage on the day he was scheduled to appear. Whereas the producer of JJ’s Hong Kong concert already apologised for the mix up, clarifying that the guest segment was cancelled after a spot of miscommunication occurred between the band and JJ’s team, Ian’s bandmate Stanley Yau’s post later that evening caused the issue to continue to ferment.

Sharing a photo of the seven of them behind the scenes with the enigmatic caption “to remember this!!”, Ian’s non appearance coupled with Stanley’s post and rumours that Ian unfollowed JJ on social media naturally fired a whole slew of speculation about a falling out between the two parties. So much so that Stanley was forced to clarify things before it blew up even further. Taking to Instagram Stories, he clarified for the misunderstanding caused by his last post.

JJ Lin concert where Ian Chan from Mirror was a no show on stage
JJ Lin in Concert
Photo: JJ Lin / Weibo

Laughing at Their Poor Luck

To be honest, it is definitely an honour for us that JJ wanted to invite Mirror to join him on stage. Whichever way you look at it, it is an absolute honour! It’s a pity the issues from getting our wires crossed resulted in us losing this opportunity. Misfortune seems to constantly befall us and that’s what the post was about.  Laughing at ourselves and why this keeps happening to us.

Stanley added that they knew from day one that they had many shortcomings. Thankfully, Lady Luck was by their side. Now that that luck is gone, it’s time to buckle down and work hard which is what it’s all about right now.

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