“Business Proposal” Hong Kong Remake Drops A Teaser That Has Drawn Mixed Reactions from C-Netz

Remakes tend to come under high scrutiny especially for a certified hit like the 2022 Korean series Business Proposal, which now has a Hong Kong remake. The upcoming ViuTV rom-com recently dropped a new teaser that has gotten some folks talking.

The revamp consists of MIRROR members Anson Lo and Edan Lui, Hanna Chan, and Shirley Sam, but a number of C-Netizens have expressed how they felt that the new version featuring the two Cantopop idols from Hong Kong’s top boyband are lacking compared to the original. Some are slamming the cast’s visuals down to their height since Korean actors Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Min-gyu who starred in the original are both over six feet. However, there are also solid fans who are excited to see Anson Lo and Edan Lui in yet another drama. They were the stars of the Hong Kong remake of the Japanese BL-drama Ossan’s Love, which was very well received though they will obviously have their respective love interests this time.

It’ll also be interesting to see the interactions with the female leads. After all, Kim Sejeong and Seoul In-ah who were the female leads in the Korean version, played their roles with a certain quirkiness. I especially loved Sejeong’s attempt to be a bad date in one scene. While I do share some reservations as a huge fan of the series, I feel like it’s too early to pass judgment. Remakes always carry the weight of being compared to their predecessors, and it’s essential to remember that each version brings its own perspective to the story. After all, the teaser was just 30 seconds long and did not show much so I think it’s wise to wait for the show to air.

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