Ossan’s Love’s Kenny Wong, Edan Lui and Anson Lo’s Popularity Soar As They Headline the First BL Series from Hong Kong

Ossan's Love featuring Kenny Wong, Edan Lui and Anson Lo
Screencap from Ossan’s Love

Since its recent release (June 28) on Viu TV, Hong Kong’s very own remake of the popular Japanese Boy’s Love series Ossan’s Love 大叔的愛 appears to be drumming up a lot of buzz amongst audiences not just for the performance of its cast but also because it’s the very first of this genre produced in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the response from audiences has been huge.

Kenny Wong in particular received praise for showing a funnier side of himself playing KK in this drama which is certainly a refreshing change from his usual serious roles. Likewise, both Edan Lui who plays Tin Yat Hung – the guy who’s central in this love triangle of sorts and Anson Lo who plays KK’s “competitor” Ling Siumuk as they’re both vying for the affections of the same man were also lauded for their acting skills and rich expressions. A glimpse at the bathroom kiss scene between Siumuk and Tin Yat Hung should be enough to tell you why viewers have been buzzing over them and their show.

So much so that despite having just a few episodes in since its premiere last Monday, the trio’s popularity and social media following has already skyrocketed sharply. In Instagram alone, Kenny’s followers shot up by 4000 in just a short time, while Edan had 8700 new fans hitting that follow button. However, it was Edan’s Mirror band mate Anson who’s had the most dramatic increase so far with 13,000 followers since the drama’s debut. Not too shabby for a new series right?

Ossan’s Love Synopsis

Single guy Tin is a real estate estate who accidentally discovers his boss KK has a secret stash of photos of him. With his big secret suddenly revealed, KK has no choice but to confess his affections to Tin and divorce his wife.  An added complication comes in the form of Tin’s new colleague and now roommate Muk, who he learns also has a teensy crush on him. With two men boldly in pursuit of him, Tin’s once orderly life is thrown into disarray as he navigates his way through his feelings and this love triangle between himself, his boss KK and his roomie Muk.

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