Sci-Fi Themed Drama “Reset” Greenlit For a New Season with “Restart”

Reset 2  restart
Photos: (L) New poster for Restart and (R) Reset starring Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai

There’s no doubt about it: Reset 2 is a definite go! It was announced during the recent Tencent conference that the team behind sci-fi drama Reset 开端 will be returning with a new series.

As far as mainstream and idol dramas go, Reset ventured off the beaten track, opting instead to explore the sci-fi theme of time-loops as experienced by the show’s protagonists played by Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai. Thanks to some pretty good acting from these two and fantastic performances from industry veterans like Liu Yi Jun and Liu Tao, Reset has already proven itself to be the dark horse of last winter. In fact, the series is the only web drama to have bagged multiple awards for the prestigious 28th Magnolia Awards. But then again, as a Daylight Entertainment project who’s known to have produced several hits like Nirvana in Fire, Story of Minglan and All is Well, there’s nary a doubt that the story was in good hands.


As for the new series, it will be called Restart 开启. Whilst not much is known yet except this will once again be produced by Daylight and that Qi Dao Jun 祈祷君, the novelist behind the original book the series is adapted from, will once again be involved in developing the screenplay. What most people wanna know however is whether this is going to be a spin-off or a continuation of the original.

Whilst many are hoping that Bai Jingting, Zhao Jinmai and the original cast will return, the drama referred to Restart as its “companion” (姐妹篇) and introduced it with the hashtag Reset Season 2. Could that mean it’ll most likely be a spinoff of sorts involving a different set of main characters?  There’s also some speculation online that part two is about a delivery boy who also appeared in the original. Nonetheless, the plot setting seems to have changed too as the new poster now shows a poorly lit corridor in a cavern of sorts with a boy and a girl running towards the viewer.

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