New Worlds Await in “Parallel World” Starring Ni Ni and Bai Yu

New Worlds Await in Ni Ni and Bai Yu's "Parallel World"
Bai Yu and Ni Ni team up to unravel their pasts in Parallel World

With the summer dramas all done, we can finally turn our attention to what the new season has to offer. But if like me and you’re wanting to catch a break from the rom-coms and historical romances summer had on offer, why not check out Ni Ni and Bai Yu’s newest adventure slash suspense drama Parallel World 西出玉门 out on September 7. Okay so this being c-dramaland, you can’t totally escape the romance component. But with autumn just around the corner, there’s nothing better to kick off the onset of shorter days and longer nights than a good ol’ suspense. Granted, it’s not the spooky sort of suspense with its desert setting, but portals between worlds, magic, betrayals, prophesies and conspiracies.

Parallel World Synopsis

Parallel Worlds is the drama adaptation of Wei Yu’s novel of the same name. If you watched 2021’s fantasy drama Rattan, the books both Parallel Worlds and Rattan are based on were written by the same author. Like Si Teng, Jing Tian’s character in Rattan, you’ll find no wilting flower waiting to be rescued here as Ni Ni plays a gun wielding kick arse female character who struggles to learn who she is and what happened to her in the past.

One without her memories and the other with no clue what happened to his colleagues in the depths of the desert, Ye Liu Xi and Chang Dong (Bai Yu) team up in search of the truth. But as they make their way out west, the lines between what legend says and “reality” blur. They say that Yumen pass is a ghost pass. With ghost fire, a shadow puppet coffin and weird sand wreaking havoc, oh Liu Xi and Chang Dong are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore. Jin Han and Meng Ziyi take special starring roles alongside Zhao Da, Xia Meng and Li Yunrui.

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