Neo Hou Minghao Does the Cake Challenge With ITZY’s Yeji

Photo: houminghao / Instagram

September is a good month for those who follow K-ent and C-ent. Just a few weeks after Lin Yi’s surprise act with New Jeans, we have another collaboration. Chinese actor-singer Neo Hou Minghao dropped a surprise video showing him and ITZY‘s Yeji doing the #CakeChallenge. Cake is a song recently released by ITZY. Fans were delighted and praised the actor’s moves though the collab isn’t a complete surprise since the actor was recently spotted at JYP. Netizens have been coming up with various speculations for his stay.

The 26-year-old Neo Hou is no stranger to K-pop as he actually started as a trainee for SM Entertainment in 2012 before entering the Chinese music scene as part of the boyband Fresh Teenager Geek. He’s also an actor though he hasn’t had the best luck with his recent projects. He filmed the drama remake of A Chinese Ghost Story with Zheng Shuang who has been canceled due to her tax evasion scandal, and he also has Reading Class with Lareina Song Zuer who is currently facing tax evasion allegations.

At one point, Neo Hou said his birthday wish is just for his projects to successfully air. Despite these setbacks, it looks like things are getting back on track. The Outcast live-action drama I Am Nobody which stars Neo Hou alongside Peng Yuchang managed to air without issues after a month’s suspension. The show is doing pretty well with a Douban score of 8.2.

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