“My Journey to You” Finale Really Needs a Sequel

My Journey to You Finale
My Journey to You Finale

** Spoilers Ahead **

Quick as a wink, Esther Yu Shuxin and Zhang Linghe’s My Journey to You is now over. One thing to note here is that this drama was written and directed by Guo Jingming (郭敬明) who used the name Gu Xiaosheng (顾晓声) in the credits. The controversial writer has been known to have a thing for sad endings, and let me tell you, as far as finales go, this one left many viewers feeling a bit cheated of getting any closure particularly for Yun Weishan and Gong Ziyu, and to a certain degree for Gong Shangjue and Shang Guanqian as well. If anything, let’s just say the director chose to design an ending that left more room for imagination. 

Some Deaths

On the 15th, the series surprised viewers when it unexpectedly dropped seven of its final episodes in one go. Whilst a giant drop should’ve left viewers happily bingeing for the weekend, many were left disappointed in the wake of its ambiguous ending. Of course this being spy drama, its darker theme leaves the possibility open that a bad or not so happy ending is in the cards for some of its characters. Even before the final episode, both sides already suffered casualties during the orchestrated Wufeng attack against Gong Men. The Wufeng assassins are wiped out along with Yun Weishan’s mentor Han Yasi. But amongst the good guys, Xue Gong Zi, Hua Gong Zi and even Elder Hua died to protect Gong Men.

My Journey to You Finale
Ziyu awating Yun Weishan’s return

More Questions Than Answers

What many can’t seem to get past though is that the big finale seems to force an ending that raises more questions instead of providing answers. And just when it seemed like the leads could finally be together, Yun Weishan had to go and pay her twin a visit.

Jin Jing, Sun Chenjun and Tian Jiarui

I mean, just before the series ends, it had appeared that Yun Weishan walked right into a trap when she saw her twin and the Wu Feng boss in the shadows. Is Wu Feng going to pull a twin switcheroo? And then, as the camera pans over to Ziyu who was sat there desperately waiting for Yun Weishan to return home, just who did he see with the sound of the gate opening in the background? Seeing the heartbreak then the hope on his face as he sat there was sad to watch. But that was quickly replaced when the series cuts off without showing WHO IT WAS!

Cheng Lei and Lu Yuxiao

Even the way they “ended” things between Shang Jue and Qian was a cliffhanger. For all her machinations, Qian left the Gong mansion practically unscathed. She steals the Infinite Fire tablet, he goes after her. Then she whispers she’s pregnant when he catches up and he lets her go (but not forgetting to sneak the tablet back from her though)? And then what?

It really feels like they’re already laying the foundations for a sequel with this one, but who knows if they’ll ever make one.

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