Louis Fan’s Wife Thinks About Divorce Frequently But Jokes He’ll Have a Hard Time Since His Properties Are All Under Her Name

Louis Fan and JJ Jia
Louis Fan and JJ Jia
Photo: JJ Jia Xiaochen / Weibo

Martial arts star Louis Fan and wife JJ Jia are no strangers to divorce rumours. Earlier in the year, fans got quite a scare after the Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils actor posted “we’re getting divorced” on social media. Although he later clarified that it was a combination of a brain fog plus an autocorrect blunder, speculation that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks continues. Of course JJ occasionally moaning about her husband online – how he’s “boring” or how exhausted she is from taking care of their two kids to how her hubby seemingly has low EQ and zero humour that she feels like she’s taking care of three kids, only serves to reinforce the idea that their marriage is in trouble.

Whilst appearing at a ribbon cutting ceremony last weekend, JJ made mention of a book she’d read about a couple who’ve been married to each other for 50 years. The wife said she’d thought about divorce and finishing off her husband. JJ jokingly said she thought about divorcing 50 times a day and “killing him 101 times a day”. Although it’s just over trivial things, she said his “carelessness” infuriated her a lot. She clarified though that of course she didn’t actually do anything with her thoughts, and that she’s just venting things to feel better. She did say though that Louis always tries to redeem himself by gifting her a handbag. “Handbags can cure anything!” she cheekily said.

His Properties Are Under JJ’s Name

JJ adds that husband Louis has a good temper, and although she often brings up the subject of divorce, she said her husband never once agreed. Besides, she joked, if he divorces her, “it’ll be very hard for him because all the properties are under my name. He’d have to ask the crew for a room after the divorce!” JJ didn’t say how many properties though except it’s understood they’re properties in Hong Kong and in the mainland.

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