Louis Fan Siu-wong Says His “We’re Getting Divorced” Post Was a Blunder and He’s Now Asking for His Wife’s Forgiveness

Louis Fan Siu-wong Says His "We're Getting Divorced" Post Was a Blunder and He's Now Asking for His Wife's Forgiveness

The thing about Digital Age is everything leaves a footprint and 49-year-old actor Louis Fan Siu-wong found out the hard way.

On January 1, Louis Fan’s actress wife JJ Jia Xiaochen tagged him in a post on social media to commemorate their seventh wedding anniversary. Louis Fan shared her post and the caption, “Let’s live in a place where the winter is not cold.” However, Netizens were able to view his edit history and see that he changed the post two times before that. He first wrote, “We are getting divorced” then quickly changed it to “We.”

As his wife realized that their marriage has become the talk of the town, she posted another update to say that she intends to hear what her husband has to say. A few hours later, Louis Fan was back on social media to explain that it was all due to a case of fat finger.

Louis Fan's edit history
Louis Fan edited his post three times

He said he intended to type the Chinese characters “likai 离开” to say they’ve left but word suggestion turned it into “lihun 离婚” which is divorce. He reasoned that it’s a combination of brain fog from having gotten COVID, their two kids being rowdy and his hand slipping. Once he saw what he wrote, he immediately edited it but he never expected that people could still view his edit history. Finally, he wrote, “Wife, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

Louis Fan is an actor and martial artist who is known for playing the titular role in the 90’s film Riki-Oh. He is also known for playing supporting roles in classics like the TVB series Demi Gods and Semi Devils and martial arts film series Ip Man.

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