Jin Sha’s Boyfriend Makes First Official ‘Debut’ in Public As They Film Reality Show Together

jin sha
JIn Sha and her boyfriend of two years
Jin Sha with her boyfriend filming scene for the show

Last year, she teased fans with a photo of two hands connecting to make a heart captioned “love is cooking tons of food together”. This year, it’s a pair of hands laced tightly together. Save for her mysterious tributes to her beau on Chinese Valentine’s day each year, actress and singer Jin Sha has always kept her cards pretty close to her chest.  Judging from her sweet note this year, it seems the 42-year-old and her mysterious partner have been going steady for two years already. But thanks to a stint on Mango TV’s newest variety show 爱的修学旅行, fans are finally getting their first glimpse at the man who had stolen Jin Sha’s heart.

JIn Sha writes “celebrating our second Chinese Valentine’s day together. Happy and thankful!” to her boyfriend

But who is he? With a bit of detective work, Netizens were soon able to determine that he’s (allegedly) named Sun Chengxiao and that he was born during the noughties who just graduated from theater. It seems the couple were also in a short drama together. Remember when Jin Sha previously shared her ideal partner when she was still a contestant on the comeback survival show Sisters Who Make Waves in 2020? She said she hoped he had sharp eyebrows with twinkling eyes and a bright smile for her. She also hoped he’d be tall in stature and had a high nose bridge. Netizens joked that the star basically ticked off everything on her wishlist when she landed Chengxiao.

Despite the big age gap between them, the couple looked super cute together as they shot a scene walking out of the hotel. The actress’ boyfriend understandably looked a touch hesitant and shy in front of the camera being new to it all and all that. Nonetheless it’s great to see Jin Sha looking so over the moon and glowing with happiness.

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