Angelababy Fans Question Downgrade from Female Lead to “Friendly Appearance” in New Drama

Angelababy is front and centre on an old poster from the show Back for You

Angelababy was previously reported to be starring in the romantic suspense drama Back for You 漫影寻踪 opposite Wang Anyu. However recent changes to the filming roster revealed during iQiyi’s latest press conference has fans wondering what in the world happened as her name is now listed under ‘Friendly Appearance’. Whereas Baby previously had top billing on the show – she was also photographed smack in the middle of the show’s poster, fans have demanded an explanation as to why she’s suddenly “downgraded” to a mere guest appearance whilst the rest of the casting line up appears unchanged.

According to Baby’s fan account, the explanation given by Baby’s Studio was that Back for You is an anthology, and because most of her scenes play out in the anthology portion and not in the main series part of the drama, her team asked the show to change her participation to “friendly appearance”. Many of her fans weren’t too happy about being given no heads up in advance about the unexpected change especially since fans often work towards promoting their idol’s dramas. This also comes at a time when fans are hoping the actress can focus on growing her acting career instead of variety shows. “Should there be any changes which are outside of control, inform fans in advance instead of forcing them to accept the unexpected each time. Is the Studio even capable enough of safeguarding Angelababy’s interests?” they questioned.

Angelababy friendly appearance in Back for You

Quality Over Quantity and Top Billing

Later, Angelababy also popped into the fan site’s interactive chatroom to share that she’d seen everyone’s messages and is very grateful for all the love everyone’s shown. She added that she’s working hard to bring happiness and create great memories for everyone which has always been her focus. However, this time, after making everyone feel very emotional on her behalf, she says she’s very sorry the changes haven’t been communicated to her fans before it was announced. “I will pay attention to it in the future” she said.

Baby also emphasised that every drama is the result of everyone’s hard work. “I’ve been working hard, hoping that the character I portray can be presented on the screen and seen by everyone. This is already my happiest moment.” As for the issue of top billing which her fans are concerned over, she said she doesn’t particularly care about the number of roles she has or the order of actors indicated. “I understand everyone’s worried about me and hopes that I’ll improve. I’m definitely the one who’s most concerned over my career than anyone else.”

All Fake

Meanwhile, there was a leaked screenshot of a conversation allegedly of the 34-year-old actress privately complaining to her team about her overstepping fans made the rounds online. “So am I supposed to just make one drama a year? Help me communicate this to them (fans). Don’t be distracted by the anti’s outside”. Staff can be seen trying to comfort her saying that fans worry because they love her. She then responded if fans can worry in a smarter way and not in a way that brings harm to her. “Fans boycotting this or that, frequently criticizing to the point of trampling on and pushing down positive comments, I don’t see them working hard (to help me) , but when it comes to trying to bamboozle me, they all come out of the woodwork.”

But before the issue snowballs into something bigger, her manager quickly refuted the rumours by pointing out the screenshot is fake.

Angelababy alleged convo

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