Zhao Liying Shares Photo with Her Son for the First Time

Zhao Liying Shares Photo with Her Son for the First Time
Photo(s): zhaoliying1016_ / douyin

Zhao Liying’s little boy whose nickname is Xiang Xiang 想想, which translates to Thinking, is 4 years old now. Fans are loving that the 35-year-old actress has been sharing little snippets of her daily life on social media a lot more diligently than before like her food trip that saw the actress trending because it’s so down-to-earth that it felt like a friendly post from an old relative.

Previously, Zhao Liying had shared a flower toy she bought for Xiang Xiang, but her most recent update was a series of photos of food, the streets, selfies and her son captioned: “I don’t know what I can’t forget. I can’t let go of the familiar clips. Looking back, it has been many years. I look at the sky through my fingers, and I return to that old street.” Although she made sure not to show Xiang Xiang’s face, it’s still cute to see their playful interaction as he leaned towards mom to do a (split?) kick for the camera.

Zhao Liying on Douyin

Zhao Liying sharing her son’s photo for the first time trended. With such high-profile parents, everything about them caused a huge sensation from Zhao Liying’s surprise marriage to Feng Shaofeng on October 16, 2018, pregnancy announcement on January 1, 2019, childbirth on March 8, 2019 and subsequent divorce on April 23, 2021.

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