Feng Shaofeng Lets Slip His Baby’s Nickname And Immediately Phones Zhao Liying

Kids really do take over their parents hearts. I guess the same can be said for new father Feng Shaofeng who is constantly talking about his son with wife Zhao LiyingThe two welcomed their first child this March and have been quite protective of their privacy that the baby’s name is not known to the public.  

On the show Adventure Life 奇遇人生, Feng Shaofeng found himself unintentionally revealing his son’s nickname. While filming at East Field in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, the actor was tasked to make a crop circle by himself. He said that he would normally feel nervous about doing something like that but if it’s for his son, he feels no pressure at all. When coming up with the design, he immediately thought of using the Chinese character xiang (想) which means ‘to think’ or ‘to miss someone’. He then revealed that Xiangxiang () is his little boy’s nickname! 

feng shaofeng
But it turns out that the name drop wasn’t planned because he started worrying afterwards and immediately called Zhao Liying to ask if it was okay to say their son’s name. Now that we all know Xiangxiang’s name, I guess his wife gave the go signal. It’s cute how that little information got out! 
Feng Shaofeng reveals that whenever something bad happens and he’d go home crying, his wife would watch over him quietly. Once he’s finished, she’d tell him to look at their baby. Just like magic, his sadness goes away. The actor eventually finished the crop circle that he made for his son and formed the character Xiang into the shape of a smiling face. 
Hmm, I guess that’s just how it is for parents, no matter how bad your day is or how emotionally tired you are, one look at your little tot and you’re recharged again. 
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