“Under The Skin” Screenwriter Not Returning For Season 2, Another Says Adding a Female Lead Will Change the Dynamics

“Under The Skin” Screenwriter Not Returning For Season 2, Another Says Adding a Female Lead Will Change the Dynamics
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It seems that a new story direction might have just gotten “under the skin” of drama scriptwriter Jia Dongyan 贾东岩, who confirmed earlier today that he won’t be returning to work on the script of the popular crime procedural.  The Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 writer who wrote the original screenplay season 1 is based on said that the split was due to differences in how he and production team envisioned the evolution of the story. However, as a viewer he wished for the drama’s continued success and hopes to see the original cast back in their roles.

Online Chatter About Adding a Female Lead

With a great first season, you’d think that the show would be quite keen on retaining their “winning formula”. After all, the Tan Jianci and Jin Shijia-helmed drama proved to be a hit with audiences despite the absence of any high-traffic stars in the cast. However, further word on the street is that the production is planning to add a heroine to the Shen Yi and Du Cheng tandem. Melon accounts are floating Wang Churan as the possible addition. It’s probably not the best timing as she herself is under fire these days. Some feel her name is being thrown out there just to add fuel to the fire, when it’s really the notion of adding a female lead to the story about dual-male leads that many fans are strongly against.

Another Screenwriter Speaks Up

Under the Skin writer speaks up

While the rumoured change may mean that a romance is planned for the storyline, many are asking if it’s really necessary. Another screenwriter (日含的故事板) who also said she won’t be back for the new season commented on Jia Dongyan’s post. She wrote, “It’s indeed a bit regrettable, maybe there will be other opportunities to meet again.” As she put it, adding a love line for a character like Shen Yi is not easy, and introducing a female character will definitely change the dynamics. This will clearly also alter the narrative of the entire story. She said adding a romance will change the tone of the characters while adding friendship seems unnecessary since the original team is enough. She shared that Under the Skin 1 was conceptualised by Mr. Jia with a clear plan to not have a female lead, and they would’ve hoped to maintain that in the sequel.

A large part of the original’s appeal was the focus on the development of Shen Yi and Du Cheng’s bromance, with viewers following its evolution every step of the way. From an acrimonious start, to begrudging respect, and eventually trust as they learned to fully rely on each other’s skills to solve crimes. Besides, with romance in just about every drama plot these days, sitting back to watch a well-written mystery is surely a breath of fresh air in a market already saturated with CPs. Thus far, production hasn’t released any deets about the cast, so the rumours are just rumours.

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