Jacqueline Wong and Drummer Lai Man Wang Have Reportedly Registered Their Marriage

Photo(s): jacquelinebwong and rubberband / Instagram

After a four-year scandal that rocked her career, Jacqueline Wong is finally getting her happily ever after. The 34-year-old actress has reportedly applied to register her marriage with her boyfriend, Lai Man Wang, a drummer from the Cantopop band RubberBand. The two previously confirmed their relationship in 2022 after they were seen walking her dogs together and even confirmed they were living under one roof.

Addressing the marriage rumors, Wong said “The two of us thank you for your blessings” and said that she has nothing more to add, probably pertaining to the pregnancy rumors surrounding her as well. It only fueled netizens’ curiosity as to whether this was a shotgun marriage or not.

This news drew mixed reactions among netizens, with some accepting the fact that the actress-turned-singer is now moving on with her life. However, others are not so welcoming of the idea of her getting hitched. It can be remembered that in 2019, Wong was caught in a cheating scandal with Andy Hui who is married to Sammi Cheng. She was in a relationship with Kenneth Ma at the time, and he broke up with her after the scandal. Ma is now set to marry Roxanne Tong as the two announced their engagement this year. Meanwhile, eagle-eyed Netizens also observed that the date the actress reportedly registered her marriage (Aug 13) happens to be just a day after Andy Hui’s 56th birthday on August 12. Meanwhile, Sammi Cheng’s birthday is also coming up on August 19.

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