Coco Lee’s Sister Nancy Threatens Legal Action Against Defamatory Remarks

Nancy Lee
Coco Lee's Sister Nancy with the singer
Coco Lee’s Sister Nancy with the singer
Photo: Nancy Lee/ Weibo

Following Coco Lee’s tragic death last month, it seems even her family couldn’t catch a break from malicious rumours against the pop diva and their family that continue to fly. Well, Coco’s sister Nancy Lee has just about had it with the slander, threatening to pursue legal action.  Recently, a recording allegedly of Coco rebuking her sister Nancy surfaced online resulting to many questioning the sort of relationship the two had. Supposedly, Coco was telling her off for wanting to live luxuriously but not picking up the tab since it was Coco who footed the bill. This was perhaps the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

This is absolutely unacceptable!” Nancy said in a statement. This summer has been an especially difficult one for her and that losing her beloved sister left nothing but grief, she said. She also thanked relatives, friends and fans for their steadfast support of Coco on her last journey. But for Netizens who continue to insist upon spreading “false information, malicious speculation, insults, misleading remarks, etc” Coco’s sister cautions that they will soon be held accountable.

Her statement asks Netizens and media to delete and also to stop spreading slanderous remarks about her sister and their family lest they want to face the full brunt of the law. “I will use the weapon of law to exhaust all legal means to protect myself and my family. And hold them accountable to the end!” she said. But for her sister and their family to finally find peace, she implored everyone “to give Coco and her family, their last love and respect!”

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