Coco Lee’s Husband Bruce Rockowitz Issues Statement on Rumors About Him Saying: “They are Malicious Speculations”

Coco Lee's husband quashes rumours
Coco Lee with her husband Bruce
Photo: cocolee / Instagram

Since her death, many things have been said about Coco Lee’s husband Bruce Rockowitz. Aside from rumours that he described her as being difficult to please to reportedly refusing her request to upgrade the Karaoke system, he was even labeled a scumbag by fans for allegedly cheating on the pop diva multiple times. Folks even went so far as to criticise him for not sending any flowers to her wake, forcing him to put out receipts proving that he did indeed send flower (except they were returned since no one was there to receive them). This week, Coco’s husband finally breaks his silence.

In his statement, Bruce said he found out his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was quarantining in the mainland and that she decided to return to Hong Kong for treatment after finishing her obligations for The Voice of China. As for speculation about the state of their marriage and finances, Bruce said it’s a private matter that the public shouldn’t concern themselves with, adding that what’s being said is so far from the truth. “They are malicious speculations made just for clicks which have seriously hurt my reputation”.

I fully deny any statements that have been misrepresented. Coco is already gone and I implore everyone to respect her (memory) and let her rest in peace. I will no longer respond to any rumours or reports that are far from the facts”. Since Coco’s passing, this is the second statement he has issued regarding the rumours about him. Much like the statement Coco’s sister Nancy put out the other day, he also warned folks that he’s pursuing legal means to put a stop to rumours.

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