Victoria Song and Vic Chou Pair Up in Upcoming Series ‘Reblooming Blue’

Victoria Song and Vic Chou
Victoria Song and Vic Chou
Victoria Song and Vic Chou during the boot ceremony

Oh wow, guess the rumours were once again pretty spot about these two working on the same show. Upcoming series Reblooming Blue 另一种蓝 recently announced its casting line up and yes we’ll definitely be seeing Victoria Song and Vic Chou together. Production also released a brand new poster to go with the photos from the show’s boot ceremony.

Reblooming Blue is a modern love story between the heroine and her boss. Despite their love hate relationship, these two worked hard to realise their dreams and ended up falling for each other. In her previous dramas, Victoria always seemed to gravitate towards roles featuring a strong woman in the workplace. And I’ve no doubts her role as Chen Xiaoman would be in a similar vein for despite having to return to her hometown with her tail between her legs. It takes a lot of gumption and strength to come back from all that she’s been through and with a new entrepreneurial venture (with a little help from Vic’s Ke Yan of course) to boot. The series will be another one from the Find Yourself star that will have a TV and online broadcast on Hunan TV and Mango TV.

Ke Yan meanwhile also encountered quite a few unexpected setbacks. Hoping to turn things around, he goes in search for an investment legend who can give him some advise. Of course the person he’s looking for also lives in Chen Xiaoman’s hometown! From “enemies” to lovers Chen Xiaoman and Ke Yan worked hard to reach new career heights and also found each other. Vic returns to C-dramaland after starring in the Taiwanese crime series Danger Zone in 2021.

Victoria Song and Vic Chou
Reblooming Blue stars Victoria Song and Vic Chou
Victoria Song and Vic CHou star in Reblooming Blue

Reblooming Rose also features Liu Chang as Zhou Yujian, Zhu Yan Man Zi as Dun Ge, Huang Pinyuan as Chen Huafeng, Shi Yueling as Chen Huayun, Xie Xingyang as Zhao Jun, Hu Baosen as Chen Xuntong and Liu Chao as Yansu. Liu Mintao will also be making a special guest appearance on the series.

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