After the Find Yourself Finale, Victoria Song Bids Her Character Farewell and Writes a Heartfelt Message to Viewers

After almost a month on the air, yesterday’s ending to the romantic drama Find Yourself came neatly wrapped up with a bow with the expected Fanxing and Yuan Song reconciliation a lot of fans have been waiting for. 

Victoria Song’s character He Fanxing has been subject to some heated discussions amongst viewers. At one point, viewers even left messages on the actress’ personal Weibo to scold her for Fanxing’s actions. Regardless, whether you love her or hate her, it’s finally time to bid adieu to He Fanxing as the star herself did when she bid a fond farewell to her character and to the fans that supported Fanxing (and the drama) along the way – 


“Hi ~ I am “zishen shaonu” (深少女)* He Fanxing, also the “zishen shaonu” Victoria Song. Portraying the character of He Fanxing, I can see that some of you liked her, some of you hated her, some people understood what she’s going through, whilst some of you didn’t understand her at all.
Whatever the case, I would like to thank you all – thank you for investing in He Fanxing, and also for your willingness to watch her come into her own and grow up. A TV series is not reality after all, and real life is so much more complicated. They say that you must “Go your own way and let others talk!”  How many people can really do so? It is not easy to want to be your own self – it takes a lot of courage.  There may be many detours on the road ahead but you must never stop learning and growing along the way. Isn’t this the journey we call life?
I hope Miss He (Fanxing) has in some way encouraged more “young ladies” to be brave in letting their true selves shine through. Your 30s – the most confident and charming time of your life has just begun. Don’t live with regrets, don’t just “put up” with things and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Instead strengthen your resolve and follow your heart, look at all obstacles as opportunities to grow.
May the “zishen girls” always be young – women! Thank you for supporting “Find Yourself”. He Fanxing will meet you again in a while. I hope when we next meet each other, you’ll be able to see something different from me the next time around. Also, Qiu Jianing (Victoria’s character in her soon to be released drama Brokerand Sun Yihe (her character in Love in Shanghai) are also looking forward to meet you! Thank you everyone ~”
*zishen shaonu/深少女   an accomplished and highly capable woman


These are insightful words of farewell from the actress that contain some great nuggets of wisdom from which we can all takeaway something from no matter what age you are but especially poignant for women in their 30s facing similar situations as Fanxing. 
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