Makiyo Announces Divorce to Her Husband Mr. Jin, Says Child Custody Rights Have Been Settled

Makiyo Announces Divorce to Her Husband Mr. Jin

Japanese celebrity Makiyo 川島茉樹代 who’s based in Taiwan has announced her divorce to her businessman husband Mr. Jin whom she married in May 2022. However, it appears their marriage has reached the end of the road one year later.

On July 15, 39-year-old Makiyo took to her social media account to say, “Due to various factors like personality differences, adjusting to each other, etc. after MAKIYO and Mr. Jin got married, they’ve decided to formally file for divorce yesterday, July 14, and the child’s custody rights and related responsibilities have also been agreed upon. Sending blessings to each other in the future, MAKIYO herself will continue to work hard to support her son. Making the announcement here in order not to waste public and media resources. Thank you to all the friends and fans who care about MAKIYO. Thanks again everyone.”

Makiyo and Mr. Jin welcomed their baby boy on October 30. Five days later, the couple had a very public fight online. Makiyo who was at the confinement centre then even went on livestream to list out her husband’s six “crimes” such as forcing her to drink 3500cc water, leaving with his luggage in tow, changing the baby’s diapers under the air conditioner, eating her confinement food, sleeping like a log when she needed help calling the nurse for painkilling injections, etc.. Back then, Makiyo’s manager had explained that the couple have fought in the past too and would eventually make up.

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