Makiyo Newly Married and Four Months Pregnant

Just married! Makiyo marries fiance “Mr Jin”. She captioned the photo above usign the hashtag #mrsJin

Talk about double happiness! Taiwanese-Japanese celebrity Makiyo Kawashima (川島茉樹代) has so much to be thankful for this year. Not only is she newly married today, she also has a baby on the way!

Makiyo and her partner registered their marriage on Chinese Valentine’s Day which is today, May 20th and even streamed the event live on Facebook. According to media reports, the couple supposedly met about a year ago. But since Makiyo who’s 37 is three years older, they only had an “older sister/younger brother” sort of relationship. This changed in December when they were there for each other following the loss of a beloved pet.

As for her wee one, Makiyo revealed that she’s due in October. She says she didn’t expect to get pregnant after dating for a short while and only took a pregnancy test because her period was late. When the test came out “not pregnant”, her boyfriend went out and got five more just to be extra sure as he really wanted to have kids.

Following the unfortunate incident in 2012 when she and her friend assaulted a taxi driver, Makiyo’s career in showbiz hasn’t ever been the same. These days, she’s much more focused on running a business instead of making her showbiz comeback.

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