Ma Jingtao’s Much Younger New Girlfriend In Hot Water After Seemingly Throwing Shade at His Ex Wives?

Ma Jingtao
Ma Jingtao dating a new woman

It seems Steve Ma Jingtao who’s among the popular leading men of the 90s is off the dating market after a young woman who supposedly captured his heart spilled the tea on social media. Some even wonder if he’s gotten married for the third time. She popped up a photo with the 61-year-old actor’s arm around her shoulder while she held a huge bouquet of flowers. In a now-deleted post, the woman who appears to be his fan wrote: “@Ma Jingtao idol has become a lover. You’re the best and the most awesome actor! Lu Dongbin forever! My childhood and summertime are filled with memories. Even if you’ve been divorced twice, I don’t really care! Because they didn’t know how to cherish you! Well, I do.”

Whilst Netizens didn’t begrudge them for their blossoming relationship, they weren’t so happy about how she’s seemingly throwing shade at the actor’s two ex wives. In fact they didn’t hesitate to tell her so. In another post, the woman who goes by the handle @边牧波泥小pony on social media said that her friends were feeling sorry for her for being bullied online. But she said it didn’t matter because she won’t even bother reading all the comments from strangers who didn’t know or understand her at all.

Living well and with a clear conscience! It is enough to give my heart to a man worthy of my love without expecting anything in return. At the same time, getting the support and blessing of our friends is enough.” She also added that she felt very lucky to be in the relationship because he is a very good man in real life. And because life is made up of fleeting moments, she said she wanted to cherish every minute. “I love you, selflessly. All I want is your happiness.” In his past posts, Ma Jingtao can be seen interacting with Pony, commenting and liking her posts on social media.

Ma Jingtao and new love
The woman’s now deleted post.

Ma Jingtao was previously divorced twice, first to ex wife Tang Yun with whom he shares a daughter. He later married his The Legend and the Hero 封神榜之凤鸣岐山 co-star Wu Jiani who is 21 years younger than him. They divorced in 2017 after ten years of marriage and have two children together.

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