Ma Jingtao, 61, Returns in New Web Movie Playing the Same Role from 25 Years Ago

Steve Ma, 61, Returns in New Web Movie Playing the Same Role from 25 Years Ago
Photo(s): Ma Jingtao in Travel to the East / Weibo

Twenty five years ago, Taiwanese actor Steve Ma Jingtao starred as Lu Dongbin in the 1998 Singaporean television series The Legend of the Eight Immortals 東遊記. He slips back into the same role as the leader of the eight immortals in Travel to the East 东游之八仙伏魔, the Chinese web movie that he shot last year.

Ma Jingtao whose known for his “very intense” acting has been a household name in showbiz since the 90s, having appeared in a slew of dramas notably in the costume historical genre. Some of his more noteworthy projects include The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber where he played Zhang Wuji and Chiung Yao’s Plum Blossom Scar just to name a few. In recent years, we haven’t been seeing as much of the 61-year-old actor after he took a break from the spotlight. Prior to this, he last appeared as the beleaguered CEO in the 2017 Chinese drama Distant Love 好想听你说爱我.

Ma Jingtao in Travel to the East

In Travel to the East, after He Xiangu died to save someone, Lu Dongbin goes to the mortal world in search of a piece of her soul. Now a beggar, Lu Dongbin makes the acquaintance of Bai Ying. Little did he know that Bai Ying is the reincarnation of He Xiangu. The two team up to locate the astrolabe whilst also battling with the demon king before they ultimately bring He Xiangu back to life.

Dong Weijia

Vicki Dong Weijia plays the immortal He Xiangu. Likewise, the film also stars veteran actor Gong Hanlin as the Shengu Dijun, Liang Yuan as Peony Fairy, Cui Zhigang as Tianguan, He Qiwei as  Quanzi Ao and Li Ziwen as the demon lord.

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