Jin Xing Says Actresses Who Wear Plunging Necklines Shouldn’t Cover Their Chests and Some Feel It’s a Jab at Dilireba

JIn xing
Jin Xing and Dilraba Dilmurat

When it comes to stars making risqué fashion choices on the red carpet, Chinese ballerina and host Jin Xing had only this to say: just own it. The transgender host who’s also known for not pulling her punches questioned why female stars wearing plunging dresses on the red carpet would still hold their hands up to cover their chests. If you chose to wear it, then you should just embrace the daring choice with complete confidence, she lamented.

Wear it with confidence or don’t wear it at all” she complained whilst broadcasting live. She didn’t name any names, and really it could be any female celeb since it’s not uncommon to see ladies covering their chest on the red carpet. However, Netizens speculated her jabs were directed towards Dilraba Dilmurat. A number of clips are going around online showing her covering her chest whilst walking down the red carpet. The speculation naturally didn’t quite sit well with Reba’s fans who feel marketing accounts are picking and choosing instances where she’s covered her chest.

Reba at an event in May 2023

A Social Media Firestorm

There are also those who blatantly disagree with Jing Xing’s statements. Particularly those who feel no one has a right to dictate what women should or shouldn’t do with their clothes. Despite the heated exchanges, Jin Xing remained adamant about her opinion. “We’ve always advocated the culture of self-confidence. As an entertainer and a public figure, female stars should appear in public with a healthy and confident attitude”. “Besides, truly talented actors don’t need to rely on OTT outfits to draw attention” she wrote on social media.

On July 6, Jin Xing was back on social media to call out certain Netizens. She said, “I accept normal exchanges of views, collisions and even criticisms! However, I will never tolerate personal attacks and malicious insults on my Weibo!…” However, the always blunt host is also catching a lot of flak for the moment when she sarcastically described the situation as “so pretentious, covering cause you’re “afraid poor people will see, but also afraid rich people won’t see”.

For Modesty’s Sake?

Sure it’s hard to resist wearing a pretty frock for a red carpet event, but some pointed out female celebs might not have as much freedom to choose especially if a brand they’re representing makes the selection for them. Now if the celeb is by nature more conservative and knowing that they’re pretty much under the public microscope, some Netizens reasoned that perhaps they’re doing it to be modest in as much as the situation allows.

Consider too this little thing called the censor that celebs are probably wary of. Remember Jing Tian’s floaty green dress that showed just a hint of cleavage at the CCTV Dragon Boat Festival celebration a few years ago? Even that was deemed too racy and got a bit of a Photoshop makeover from the CCTV censors.

But who knows? At the end of the day, celebs are still people. If putting their hands up makes them more comfortable facing the cameras, shouldn’t they at least be allowed to do their thing?

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