Deng Lun Faces More Payments for Damages After Losing New Dispute

Deng Lun Faces More Payments for Damages After Losing New Dispute

Last year, Deng Lun was forced to pay the staggering amount of RMB 106 million in back taxes, late fees and fines after Chinese authorities found him guilty of tax evasion. After a public apology where he took responsibility for his mistakes and said he’ll bear the consequences of his actions, the actor has pretty much been cancelled in China with his social media accounts also gone. Last week, Deng Lun trended once again on Chinese social media after the Tianyancha database indicated the actor and a company called Shanghai Panhai (上海盘海文化传媒) could be forking out more money after a lawsuit versus the brand Yunmi.

As one of the most promising stars in C-ent, Deng Lun became the face of many big name brands like Bvlgari, Sulwhasoo, Unilever and L’Oreal just to name a few. Yunmi was also on that list. However, when his tax evasion case exploded last year, Yunmi was the first amongst his endorsements to jump ship. It seems though that business between both parties were far from over as Yunmi (云米) also filed a case at Foshan City’s People’s Court citing service contract disputes. Now that the courts have ruled in their favour, Deng Lun and Shanghai Panhai are now mandated to come up with RMB 1.74 million to pay for the damages cited by Yunmi.

On July 13, the actor was once again on the hot search over reports that he and Shanghai Panhai have been ordered to pay an additional RMB 98,800. Some fans are speaking up for the actor saying it’s unfair to keep using him for buzz and that the additional payment appears to be from the same case with Yunmi. Meanwhile, many are left wondering what’s going to happen to him and whether a comeback is even still possible.

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