Yang Zi and Xu Kai Pair Up for “Story of Joy” Which Recently Held Its Booting Ceremony

Yang Zi and Xu Kai Pair Up for "Story of Joy" Which Just Held Its Booting Ceremony

Story of Joy 承欢记 held its booting ceremony on June 18, and it brings together a new onscreen pairing between Yang Zi and Xu Kai who is three years her junior. With both leads boasting large fanbases, there’s bound to be more expectations towards the drama.

The story follows Mai Cheng Huan, a filial daughter to her parents. She is pressured by her mother to propose to her boyfriend. Circumstances eventually lead to the couple’s break up. Cheng Huan takes on a new challenge as she learns to manage a hotel and that’s where she meets the male lead Yao Zhi Ming. From there, the couple’s love story will slowly blossom. But what challenges await them?

The Story of Joy aka Cheng Huan Ji is based on a novel by Yi Shu (Isabel Nee Yeh-su) who’s the younger sister of late novelist Ni Kuang and also the author for My Best Friend’s Story. It is not your typical romance since there’s a big focus on family, more specifically the relationship between a mother and her daughter and how, sometimes, a mother’s love can be suffocating. The heroine’s name Cheng Huan refers to catering to someone (often the parents) to make them happy. Given that the title is literally the heroine’s name, it follows her transformation as she learns to find a balance between loving her family and being true to herself.

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