Wu Kangren Slams Anonymous Post Alleging That “the Number of Women He Slept With Was Almost Like a Harem”

Wu Kangren
Wu Kangren
Photo: 吳慷仁WuKangRen / Weibo

Taiwanese model and actor Wu Kangren had previously spoken up in support of the necessary changes and lessons learned from the #MeToo movement sweeping the Taiwanese entertainment industry. But who knew that he too will be accused of being a promiscuous scumbag by an anonymous poster on social media? A Netizen recently insinuated that a certain “big name male star with surname W” was cheating on his girlfriend and that the number of women he slept with was almost like a harem. Not only that, the Netizen also claimed that the fact that some of the women had boyfriends didn’t seem to discourage him. Interestingly, the accuser acknowledged that they didn’t have proof of these things, just feelings. Like the #MeToo cases that have surfaced, the Netizen didn’t name any names, except the little hints provided was enough to have people pointing their fingers at the actor.

Where’s the Logic?

Wu Kangren immediately denied the allegations in a lengthy post he shared in the middle of the night. Aside from this, he also pointed out that since the allegations were shared anonymously, where’s the responsibility in making sure what you’re saying is true and not something maliciously fabricated? As for him dating countless women, he says what the poster said doesn’t make sense.

If the claims that he’s slept with so many women that they’re like a harem, then there’d be no need to wait for an anonymous poster because the news would immediately spread in the entertainment circle like a wildfire. “I’d have to use a lot of money to keep this quiet and news reporters would’ve been very eager” he said.

Whistleblower Should Have Been Willing to Put Their Name and Reputation at Stake

Despite the allegations, there appears to be a lot of people more inclined to believe Wu Kangren than the anonymous poster. One lawyer who shared his own take on the matter said that the whistleblower’s biggest mistake was to break the story anonymously. He said that because the person broke the news anonymously, even if it was proven to be fake later, the person who first made the allegation does not have to bear any responsibility. Why then should people believe the accuser? Citing Da Ya as an example, he said the accuser should’ve filed a complaint using their own name and put their reputation at stake against the other party. Moreover, the accuser should also be willing to take the legal ramifications.

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