Shirley Yeung Roasted for Attempting Cutesy Viral Dance

Shirley Yeung
Shirley Yeung

We’re all probably guilty of attempting something that’s popular or had gone viral at one point in our lives. Whether you end up looking silly, it’s all in the name of fun.  Whilst all this can be done in the relative “privacy” of our personal connections on social media, it’s not so great when you’re a celebrity. Recently, Shirley Yeung Sze-ki attempted to do the cutesy viral dance popularized by a kindergarten teacher when she originally attempted to teach kids the nursery rhyme “tiny tiny garden”. Unexpectedly however, Shirley caught a lot of flak for her recreation.

One of the things Netizens weren’t too happy about was her choice of outfit for the dance. Shirley had on a cropped criss-cross top which might be considered risqué by some. She solved any potential issues by popping a nude toned tube top underneath. Yet Netizens weren’t so fond of the overall look, saying the tube top makes her look like she had surgery on her belly and that she is super pretty and sweet but has poor taste in clothes. Another thing on their complaint list was her exaggerated expressions whilst dancing. At 44-years-old, people who called it awkward are not quite sold on her still trying to be cute at her age, saying it’s embarrassing to watch. Others asked her maintain an image befitting a former Miss Hong Kong.

Shirley Yeung won the crown at the 2001 Miss Hong Kong pageant. Like many pageant winners, she began her showbiz career acting in various TVB projects. She focused on growing her career in China after leaving the network in 2014. Nowadays, she’s among the many Hong Kong celebs who remain active on social media. Shirley has an 11-year-old daughter called Krystal and a three year-old toddler named Kody.

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