Former Actor Kwong Wa Who Suddenly Turned to Livestream E-Commerce Closes Shop After 6 Months

Former Actor Kwong Wa Who Suddenly Turned to Liveselling Closes Shop After 6 Months
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It’s been over a decade since 60-year-old Hong Kong actor Kwong Wa retired from showbiz. Last year, he suddenly returned to the public eye to announce his plans to make a comeback. Since then, Kwong Wa became quite active on Chinese social media app Douyin. Like many veteran celebrities before him, he also turned to live streaming e-commerce since January of this year. However, it appears he’s decided to close shop six month later.

Kwong Wa recently took to social media to say, “Dear friends: Thank you for your attention, concern and support. Due to various internal factors in “Jiang Hua Store”, I had to make a decision that the store will cease operations as of July 11, 2022. The store that’s opened for everyone also involves everyone’s efforts. Every friend who has supported it has witnessed its growth. The future is bright, this is a stage in our life, and it is also a beautiful memory. I will remember the bits and pieces of what we all experienced together. Although there remains all kinds of reluctance, we still move forward.” Kwong Wa said in the livestream that his store has stopped broadcast. He also added that anyone claiming to be Jiang Hua Store is fake and has nothing to do with him.

It can be remembered that Kwong Wa had quite a rocky start selling merchandise online. He was said to have followed in the footsteps of veteran actor Joseph Lee Kwok-Lun who reportedly had a hard time selling anything during an 8-hour broadcast until he eventually got the hang of it. While the former actor didn’t elaborate on his reason for closing shop, many of his followers expressed support. During his heyday, Kwong Wa starred in hit TVB dramas in the 90s with roles like Tang Sanzang in Journey to the West and Yongzheng in 2003’s The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow.

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