Mirror’s Anson Lo Ventures Into Selling Mooncakes and It’s Really Premium

Anson Lo
Anson Lo
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We’re not quite into mooncake season yet, but it looks like brands are already looking way ahead and coming up with mid autumn treats to entice everyone. This autumn, Mirror’s Anson Lo Hon-ting adds F&B under his growing empire. Aside from his fashion brand ALLOVER, the Cantopop star and multi-hyphenate is launching a new brand LOVERAL selling what else but premium mooncakes.

Remember the Mirror inspired mooncakes a bakery owner slash super fan previously whipped up for their family bakery? The mooncakes all featured creative nods to members such as a “Unicorn” embossed one for Jeremy Lee‘s constantly changing rainbow hair, to “ginger candies” which when read in Cantonese sounds like the band’s most famous member Keung To and also his fandom’s name. Well, those certainly went down a treat amongst the group’s legions of fans. If the response is anything near that, then Anson’s newest F&B venture is bound to be a sellout as well.

Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Gift Box

The eight piece mini box comes with limited edition tableware and has four flavours to choose from: Hojicha, Pistachio as well as the mid-autumn classic White Lotus Seed with Yolk. Of course, it wouldn’t be Anson without his beloved pink shade so there’s also their Egg Custard Pink Mooncake. If you’re dead-set on getting your hands on some, the mooncakes come with a hefty price of HK$ 629 to HK$ 659 (US$ 80 – 84) that’s a bit pricier than what you’d normally get for the classic flavours. ‘Course you’ll have to be a little bit patient and wait a while for September 1st.

Anson Lo
Loveral’s Assorted Set

Anson Lo is a member of the super popular Cantopop boy group Mirror which was formed in 2018 through the talent show Good Night Show. Thanks to rave reviews on his performance as Edan Lui’s flatmate Muk who falls in love with him in the ViuTV adaption of the Japanese BL series Ossan’s Love, Anson is now one of the most recognisable faces amongst the 12 members of the band.

Earlier in the year, the popstar launched his very own fashion brand called ALLOVER – a play on his initials AL and Lover, featuring a collection of sweatshirts, shirts, hoodies, jackets and caps. All the items sold like hotcakes upon release. Dare he hope his newest foray into F&B will sell out like hotcakes mooncakes too?

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