Darren Wang and Joey Chua Unfollow Each Other Leading to Speculations of a Breakup

Photos: joeychua8_official and taluwang / Instagram

In the realm of social media, even the tiniest actions can set the rumor mill spinning. The latest frenzy surrounds popular couple Darren Wang Talu and Joey Chua after eagle-eyed netizens noticed they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

People took it as a sign that the couple have broken up. The two met in the setting of A Journey for Love 怦然再心动 – a blind dating show where divorced females are paired with potential partners. Taiwanese actor Darren Wang was one of the hosts and the Malaysian actress was among the participants. After being embroiled in a dating rumor for some time, the two finally made their relationship public last December 2022.

For a time, it seems like things are going well for them. Last January, the actress even documented her trip going back home to Malaysia after four years. She surprised her parents and brought her boyfriend with her to meet the family.

Meanwhile, Joey Chua’s cryptic post only added to the mystery when she posted a series of selfies. Part of the caption reads, “…From the 20th of last month to today, so many things have happened to me. I feel very special, very unbelievable. This month is so long ~Thank you to everyone around me who loves me ~ Everyone I meet ❤ Without pain, I won’t know what happiness is ❤ 29 years old!… The beginning of life~hahahahahahahahaha! Brave Chua Chua (refers to herself), not afraid of difficulties!”

Does that mean their relationship has gone sour since last month? For now, netizens are left wondering since there’s been no confirmation from either party.

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