Chow Yun-Fat Returns to the Silver Screens As a Down-on-His-Luck Gambler in the Movie “One More Chance”

Chow Yun Fat
Don’t Call Me God of Gamblers Chow Yun Fat
Chow Yun Fat plays a down on his luck gambler trying to forge a connection with his autistic son in One More Chance.

“Don’t Call Me God of Gamblers” 別叫我賭神 bemoans the Chinese title of Chow Yun-Fat’s latest film. Isn’t it ironic since he IS indeed the God of Gamblers? Nonetheless, the 68-year-old Hong Kong film legend will star as a down on his luck gambler whose lackadaisical gambling skills sees him getting constantly chased and beat up by his creditors. A far cry from his suave persona in the mega successful God of Gamblers franchise, the actor’s transformation takes a different turn in “One More Chance” (the film’s official English title) where you’ll see him in super casual wear and messy chin length locks to play Chui Niu Hui. Anita Yuen, yet another God of Gamblers alum who starred opposite Leon Lai‘s Ko Chun in God of Gamblers 3: the Early Stage, co-stars as Hui’s ex Li Xi.

It’s been a long time coming for the film which wrapped filming in 2019 but hasn’t managed to earn a release date. With a title that’s bound to make audiences feel a little bit nostalgic for the Hong Kong classic, there’s no doubt there’s going to be a lot of comparisons.

Working Through On Set Injuries

Not only is Fat-Gor (发哥) an icon in the entertainment industry, he also sets the bar quite high for other actors in showbiz with his professionalism and work ethics. Whilst filming a scene where Hui’s creditors came to collect, Chow Yun Fat was reported to have suffered not a few wounds and bruises yet he still went through all the takes without complaining. He even told the actor playing the creditor not to hold back and to give it his all to keep things “real”.

Then when he bashed his head accidentally on the set, he was the one to tell the crew to calm down and not to worry despite the blood already streaming down his face. “I’ll just wash it with water and then go to hospital to get it checked out” he said. Well, turns out the wound was one inch long and had to be closed with five stitches. After two hours getting patched up in hospital, Fat-Gor then rushed back on set to continue his work. Despite his superstar status, he really can show everyone a thing or two with his humility and his dedication.

One More Chance Synopsis

Drowning in debt, Hui agrees to temporarily take in the son of his former lover Li Xi (Anita Yuen) for the price of 100,000. Little did he know that the boy is actually his autistic son and caring for him will change his life. Just when a connection finally develops between father and son, news of Li Xi’s death reach them. Hui must then make a decision whether to take responsibility and be a father or go back to his old ways.

Chow Yun Fat in Don't Call Me God of Gambler
Photo(s): One More Chance / Weibo

The film hits theatres on June 21.

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