Chow Yun-Fat, 67, Just Finished a 10K Cross-Country Run in Hong Kong

Chow Yun-Fat, 67, Just Finished a 10K Run in Hong Kong

Kudos and well done to Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun-Fat! The actor finished 37th in this year’s edition of the Hong Kong Cross Country Championships for the Men’s advanced group 10k run, a feat he managed to complete within 56 minutes and 39 seconds. Pretty impressive right?  

The 67-year-old is known to be quite an avid hiker, a fact many fans can attest to after bumping into him whilst out on a hike. Whereas hiking appears to be his activity of choice to keep active, the superstar seems to also enjoy running, having been spotted running on the streets from time to time. Gosh, running 10k is clearly no joke, and despite him good naturedly calling out to fans cheering him on not to “pass him too quickly”, glad all his “training” from hiking and running really paid off for him.

Of course, Fat Gor (发哥) wouldn’t be Fat Gor if he didn’t immortalize the event via a couple of selfies. Staying true to his very down-to-earth and humble image, he obliged his many fans who were also in the race with him with lots of selfies. In fact, clips shared by other runners showed the star even moving to the back of the group to take selfies with the other runners after posing for the ones up front. No surprise why he’s such a beloved actor by his countless fans.

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